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Episode 05: The Berlin Tenants Movement Taking Back their City

Within a few years, Berlin went from being an affordable city to facing a crisis of displacement. After years of massive privatizations, large financial investors now dominate the housing market, and rents have skyrocketed. But Berliners aren’t giving their city up without a fight. This is the story of one of Europe’s most vibrant struggles to secure a city for all.

Episode 04: The Legacy of the Summit Mobilizations

20 years ago, a global protest movement revolted against neoliberal globalization. After the defeat of really existing socialism, neoliberal ideologues celebrated global victory. Institutions like the G8, EU, World Bank and IMF thought they had a mandate to ruthlessly push privatization and free trade policies around the world. But when they convened their summits, in cities like Seattle, Gothenburg and Genoa, they were confronted by mass protests. Inspired by the Zapatistas and other struggles in the Global South, a movement demanding a globalization of social justice challenged the self-declared rulers of the world. The alter-globalization movement was diverse but united, and characterized by confrontational non-violence. But the more powerful the protests became, the more repressive became the state’s response. This is the story of the alterglobalization movement’s rise and fall, and how its legacy shapes radical struggles today.

Episode 03: The Grassroots Union of Barcelona’s Manteros

In many Spanish cities, migrant street vendors sell knock-off brand clothing, using simple blankets to display their merchandise on the sidewalk. They are known as “manteros”. Their work is precarious, and they constantly face hassles from the police. This is the story of the first mantero trade union, its creative struggle against racism, and solidarity in times of Covid-19.

Episode 02: Russian Leftists Finding Refuge in Finland

As the Putin regime is turning Russia into a police state, the relative safety of foreign soil is becoming more important for oppositional activists.

A political festival in Finland has become a key venue for Russian leftists to get together safely. Gathering in Helsinki each winter to discuss and strategize, they are reviving the city’s traditional role as a refuge for Russian radicals and a hotbed of Russian revolutionary politics.

* The festival is now known as “Feast after Plague”. For more info, check out their website:

Episode 01: Sweden's Radical Comics Community

Over the past 15 years, a new genre of comics has developed in Sweden. Some of the works are neatly drawn autobiographies, others cut-and-paste, satirical collages. But what's unique - the genre is dominated by women, feminist, and politically radical. This is the story of a cultural movement.

With Daria Bogdanska, Sara Hansson and Sara Granér.


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